Dear family, friends, and blog browsers

I can never decide on a “theme” for a blog. I start a blog and then after a couple months of posting about crafts… I’m over it and ready to blog about food… or God… or meaningless rambles.

My husband, Aslan, and I just got married three weeks ago and moved from our homes in Arizona to Omaha, Nebraska. My previous blog was looking a little bare and a friend of mine gave me an idea. So, here it goes: a blog about my new adventures with my new husband in a new state.. my NEW life! This is a way for friends and family to stay updated with our lives in Nebraska… the things were doing, stuff we’re decorating, and food I’m cooking (or… attempting to, anyway).

If you don’t know us, I hope you find our life somewhat interesting. In only three weeks of being a wife, there have been many moments of laughter and I hope I can ATLEAST share that with you.

Feel free to leave comments along the way! 🙂


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