Mexican Fiesta

Aslan hates mexican food. I’ve heard it a thousand times and yet every time we’ve eaten it together, he’s told me how much he enjoyed it.

We went to San Jose del Cabo for our honeymoon and ate mexican food just about every day. It was the best mexican food I’ve ever had. Both of us were sure that it would be a long while before we cooked it at home. Less than a month later, we’ve had it three times and we make a new batch of salsa atleast once a week.

I received the Pioneer Woman Cookbook (thanks Summer!) as a bridal shower gift and her mexican food recipes are to die for. Earlier in the week we tried her Pineapple Barbeque Chicken Quesadillas, and tonight we tried Fried Chicken Tacos (we’re clearly going to gain weight). I should’ve taken photos during the cooking process, but I forgot both times. I could’ve photographed the moment Aslan successfully deep friend a chicken filled taco with two forks facing opposite directions (we don’t have tongs)… or the part where we were both fanning our mouths because I “accidently” put too much jalapeno in the salsa… or the part where we were running around opening all of the windows and swinging the door back and forth because the oil that we deep fried the tacos in got so hot that it set our fire alarm off… but I wasn’t thinking. I DID however manage to photograph our pretty candle-lit mexican fiesta with the very last bit of light that just barely creeped through the windows.

And what a handsome husband I’ve got… even with his little “I’m huuuuuuungry” face he’s wearing! πŸ˜‰

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