Week 2


There are many things that I said that I would be as a mother: always put together, always putting meals made from scratch in front of my family, a clean house ALL of the time, capable of doing it all- and still having plenty of energy at the end of the day.
Today, we played with our pears at breakfast. Ezra took bites and spit them out everywhere and we laughed.
I hid under his highchair with a camera and we played peek-a-boo.
He touched my camera with his messy hands and I didn’t care.
I scooped him up afterwords without even flinching at his mess all over the front of me as I carried him into his room to clean him up.
Being a mom is messy. It’s messy and it’s hard work… oftentimes so much so that it brings me to tears of frustration, and joy, and hilarity, all at the same time.
My home is a disaster. There are dishes piled in the sink, mountains of laundry that I need to fold, dinner was average- but I couldn’t have enjoyed today more.
I love being a wife and a mother- good days, bad days, days where I smell like spit up and pears. Days when my husband wants to cuddle and I haven’t had time to shower or brush my teeth. Days when I get peed on. Days that I am running on so little sleep that I don’t know how I’ll make it to the end of the day alive.
There are many things I said I would be as a mother… and a lot of those things are loosing their spot on my list of priorities, and I am okay with that.


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