Monthly Update: 7 Months!

Ezra turned 7 months on the 5th of March… okay, okay- I am two weeks late.


Growth: Although we haven’t had an official weigh-in this month, baby boy DID have to make a trip to the doctor’s to check a nasty cough he was battling for a few weeks. At that appointment, he weighed over 22 pounds! I can’t even believe it! He seems to be getting much taller lately, as I’ve noticed his pants running a little short. My baby is hardly a baby at all… and I really wish he’d slow down a bit!


Milestones: Still no sign of crawling any time soon, although he is rolling all over the place in an attempt to get from one place to another. I know he wants to be able to move so badly, but can’t quite figure out that he can get up on his knees. I have had a tough time letting him struggle through his frustration- man, it’s hard not to jump in and move him where he wants at the first sign of irritation. You’ll get it soon, Ezra!
My husband has been teaching him all sorts of new games. He’ll lay Ezra on his chest, close his eyes, tell Ezra he is going to sleep and start to snore. Ezra, almost immediately, will pat him on the face and my husband will yell “I’m awake! I’m awake!” They laugh and laugh, and then do it all over again. So freaking cute. He also gives high fives and tries to dance. Both absolutely melt my heart.
We also moved him from his infant carseat to a convertible. The seat seemed HUGE to me until I actually put Ezra in it… then I realized just how huge my kid is. Holy crap, buddy.

(That’s some seriously sweet bedhead, am I right?)

Sleep: Well, at one point he started sleeping a straight 12 hours… and I was SO excited to finally get some real sleep myself until both Ezra and my husband got sick.  The sleeping through the night thing lasted a few days and then as soon as the-worst-cold-ever struck our home, everything went down hill. For a solid week, Ezra was up every hour, some nights sleeping in my bed while I sat up awake staring at him. Every single time he would cough, he’d wake up crying. So, I held him all night and would rub his little head and “shh” every time he’d start coughing. I may have not gotten any sleep, but at least he did… that would’ve been an even bigger disaster. All that to say, now I KNOW he can sleep all the way through the night without needing to eat… so it’s gotta happen again soon, right?


Eating: Okay, whatever, I am so a first-time-mom about some things…  but after being totally paranoid about anything but mashed foods (the kid has the STRONGEST gag-reflex), I finally chilled out a bit and have been letting him explore larger pieces. He does so great! …mama on the other hand? I’m a nervous wreck at times. Okay, BLW- we’re on our way towards doing away with purees.


Favorite Moments: I think this might be one of my favorite moments EVER with Ezra: so, as I said in a previous post,  Ezra and I snuggle up and read a few stories from his “Jesus Storybook Bible” before I put him to bed at night. So here we are reading the creation story:

God said, “Hello light!” and light shone into the darkness. God called the light, “Day” and the darkness, “Night.” “You’re good,” God said. And they were.
Then God said, “Hello sea! Hello sky!” and a great space opened up, wide and deep and high. “You’re good,” God said. And they were.

The story continues by listing more things that God created and God saying “You’re good!” after each thing that he had made. Ezra, sitting in my lap, leans over and looks up at me so that he can see my face as I am reading and each time I read “Hello x” or “You’re good!” he gives me the biggest grin and let’s out the sweetest little giggle. Obviously, I am just about dying from so much cuteness but I tried to keep on reading in hopes that he would continue. This goes on for several minutes and it was SO PRECIOUS that eventually I can feel tears welling up in my eyes.. and I. Am. Sobbing. Seriously, I’m reading this book to him and tears just start pouring down my face. To make things even more perfect, he stops laughing and lays his head on my chest, closes his eyes, and goes to sleep… just like that. (sidenote: I’m totally crying like a baby as I type this out, baha!) I can’t even put into words how much I love my boy and just how much I enjoy being his mom.

Although that night was one of the most special moments since Ezra was born, this whole month has honestly been a treat. Despite sickness and sleepless nights- Ezra is really growing and developing into his own little self. I can’t imagine our family without him!


Most Difficult Moments: It’s ROUGH seeing your little one sick. During his horrible cold, we used a baby saline spray and a Nose Frida* to suck out all of his nasal congestion. He HATED it. At one point, we had to do it in the middle of the night. Poor guy was so confused. He went from trying to nurse in his cozy mama’s arms to lights on, mom holding him down, and dad sucking his face with a straw while he screamed. I felt so terrible. I could wait a LONG time before having to put him through that again.


Extra Comments: We had one sporadic warm day here in Nebraska and my husband and I were able to take Ezra to the park. He had SUCH a good time, and it was so nice to let him explore the outdoors. We are SO looking forward to some more of those days, hopefully in the near future (it’s still in the 40s… -_-).