Monthly Update: 6 Months!

Baby boy, I can’t believe you’ve been in our lives for half of a year ! What a joy it is to be your mama.


Growth: My BIG boy is 19.6 pounds and in the 90-98th % for weight, height, and head size. Not sure who he gets it from (my husband and I are both preeeettty petite) but I guess it means I am feeding him well!


Milestones: Ezra has been sitting up for awhile now. Baby boy loves to be upright so that he can look around and see whats going on. Although he is able to roll back and forth, he hates laying down, and especially hates tummy time. I am pretty convinced he will walk before he crawls, but only time will tell! We also decided to get some blood work done this month to check for allergies because he has TERRIBLE eczema and we’ve suspected some tummy issues since he was just a few weeks old. Fortunately, we finally got some answers: Ezra is allergic to both dairy and eggs. Although I was worried about the transition (I am nursing, so I have had to cut out pretty much all foods that I love), it has been much easier than I expected and well worth the sacrifice. Everyone we interact with tells me what a different baby he is. All along I had been feeling like his fussiness/clingyness/difficulty nursing was a personality thing, when in reality, he was uncomfortable and trying to let us know… poor buddy! Anyway, I feel like the answers to the tests are milestones in themselves, as our peanut is finally a happy baby.


Sleep: Ezra usually takes 3 naps a day: one morning, noon (ish), and late afternoon and goes to bed between 5:30-6. Unfortunately for mama, he does still wake up twice a night, once around midnight and once between 4 and 5 am… and wakes up for the day between 6 (AHH) and 7. We are pretty convinced that he will be sleeping a little bit better now that we’ve figured out his allergies, but we will see. My husband and I have been getting a kick out of Ezra’s recent nap time habits. For one, I usually sing him a song or two before I lay him down in his crib. Lately, we hear him on the baby monitor “singing” himself to sleep after I’ve left the room. It is one of the sweetest, most precious things I have ever heard. I’ve also noticed that he now rolls over onto his belly when he’s ready to sleep and wakes up with hand prints across his forehead… now sure how that would be comfortable for him, but it’s working out well…!


Eating: We started solids around 4 and a half months (I know, so early) because he would literally DIVE onto our plates of food, smack his lips any time he saw us chewing, and would do anything he could to get closer to whatever it was we had to eat. We had intended on doing baby led weaning but long story short, it was’t working well for our kiddo. So, I purchased a baby bullet and have been making purees. So far he has tried several different squash, avocado, blueberries, peaches, pears, apples, bananas, carrots, sweet potatoes, broccoli, peas, and beets. Unfortunately, he HATES avocado… even if I mix it with something sweet, the kid knows (smarty pants). His favorite is seems to be blueberries. He also loves using those mesh feeding bags! We’ve definitely introduced new foods quicker than you’re “supposed to” but he has done really well, so I am not too worried about it. He eats what mom and dad eat, and we are more than okay with that! I’ve also tried rice puffs and teething cookies… both totally freaked me out (here comes the new-and-paranoid-mama in me). Puffs definitely don’t “dissolve” as quickly as I thought they were supposed to and the teething cookies crumble (and by crumble I really mean that Ezra bites huge chunks off) to the point of him gagging after having either in his mouth for less than 30 seconds. No thanks, I’d rather not be paranoid about him choking :) It’s been really great nursing a little less… I’ll tell ya, it’s a lot of work!


Favorite Moments: It’s difficult to only choose a few! As I said before, now that I’ve cut out egg and dairy from my diet, he is a new baby! Because his skin gets so dry, he’s never really been able to play in the bath (we make it super quick). One day last week, we set up towels on the floor and filled a big bowl of water with bath toys. Ezra and I sat on the ground and played in the water and he LOVED it. Splashed all over the place and made a huge mess, but it was so worth it. We also sit by the window and watch cars drive by and his face lights up every time! He is all about exploring lately, and the awe on his face is priceless! Dad has also been teaching him how to roll a ball and he’s trying so hard to be able to do it. He gets SO excited that he screams and laughs and flails his hands all around… but can’t get the ball to move… so cute! My favorite moments of all are night time cuddles, right before bed. I have never known a little one to love to cuddle so much. We curl up and read his Jesus Storybook Bible, sing songs, nurse, and then I just hold him for a bit before I put him in his crib.


Most Difficult Moments: Unfortunately, getting blood for his allergy tests was not easy. They tried both arms multiple times over the course of two different days at our pediatricians office and could not find a vein. Thankfully, they didn’t poke around, but he was very unhappy with three people trying to hold him down, poor guy. Finally, they sent us over to the children’s hospital. The lady there made a few comments about how the nurses at the pediatricians office “must not know what they are doing” and then I watched her proceed to poke BOTH arms several times while he screamed and cried like I have never heard him before. I was so thankful to have my husband there, because after seeing her (and I counted) put the needle in and pull it back out FOUR times… I had to leave the room. My poor baby had petechiae up both arms from the tourniquets being on so tight for so long. At the end of it all, the woman said, “Well kid, you made me look bad” and took the blood from his fingers… and he didn’t even flinch -_-


Extra Comments: His eczema is almost completely cleared up and his skin is smoother than it’s ever been! I think this has, by far, been my favorite month with our Ezra. He is growing and changing before our eyes and I am so proud and so thankful to be his mama!



Week 2


There are many things that I said that I would be as a mother: always put together, always putting meals made from scratch in front of my family, a clean house ALL of the time, capable of doing it all- and still having plenty of energy at the end of the day.
Today, we played with our pears at breakfast. Ezra took bites and spit them out everywhere and we laughed.
I hid under his highchair with a camera and we played peek-a-boo.
He touched my camera with his messy hands and I didn’t care.
I scooped him up afterwords without even flinching at his mess all over the front of me as I carried him into his room to clean him up.
Being a mom is messy. It’s messy and it’s hard work… oftentimes so much so that it brings me to tears of frustration, and joy, and hilarity, all at the same time.
My home is a disaster. There are dishes piled in the sink, mountains of laundry that I need to fold, dinner was average- but I couldn’t have enjoyed today more.
I love being a wife and a mother- good days, bad days, days where I smell like spit up and pears. Days when my husband wants to cuddle and I haven’t had time to shower or brush my teeth. Days when I get peed on. Days that I am running on so little sleep that I don’t know how I’ll make it to the end of the day alive.
There are many things I said I would be as a mother… and a lot of those things are loosing their spot on my list of priorities, and I am okay with that.

A First Trip to the Park


I have been waiting and waiting for a day warm enough to take Ezra to the park for the first time. Considering we live in Nebraska and it’s JANUARY… I didn’t think it would be any time soon. However, it was above freezing today and I figured if we bundled up, the three of us could really enjoy some fresh air! That was not the case. Ezra was shivering and less-than-impressed by the swings. I did manage to get a couple of cute shots though!

This kid is all too serious, let me tell ya!




Week 1

Let’s be honest: I am terrible at blogging. Here I am, it’s been over a year since I last posted and to be quite honest, it looks like I hadn’t posted much in the first place.
My husband, Aslan, and I were talking the other day about the way that we see people through the lens of the internet. For example- we celebrated Christmas with some friends since our family is all out of town. Instead of having your traditional Christmas dinner, we all decided it would be fun to each bring a food that comes from your ethnic heritage. I, being an Italian who is honestly sick of pasta (this is a temporary thing, I assure you), decided to bring cannoli. Now, since I assumed that would be the only time I would ever make cannoli and I didn’t feel like running out and buying a cannoli shell “form”, I used ice cream cones (thank you Pinterest!!).
Well, I am all excited about my fancy dessert and decide to make it the night before to make things easier on Christmas morning. When finished I think to myself- this looks AMAZING. I should post a photo on Facebook and show everyone the Masterchef that I am.
The next morning, I proudly went to the fridge, reached for the cannoli…. and yeeeeeah. Absolute soggy MUSH! So, internet world… next time I brag about something fancy that I’ve cooked, recognize that it may have looked pretty, but probably wasn’t edible.

Anyway, I realized that last year, I decided I wanted to blog for the sole purpose of convincing people that I lived an exciting life, that my life was worthy of celebrating. The truth is- I really do. And I don’t need to spend my time trying to make other people believe it. Sometimes it’s really messy. Like, poop all down the front of me, laughing hysterically messy (another story for another day). Sometimes it’s completely uneventful. And sometimes- I am living a life I could have never even DREAMED of with a very flawed but very loving, patient, handsome man and CUTEST, and I MEAN cutest kiddo ever. So, here’s to starting to blog… aaaaggggain. Not for you, but for me…. so that I can look back on something and be reminded of how blessed I am, both for the good and the messy. 🙂

So, on another note- I have always wanted to do the photo for every week of the year. Since I have an adorable 5 month old who is growing like I cannot believe, I thought it would be fun to take a photo of HIM every week…. well, er… POST a photo of him a week. If I am honest, I spend half the day taking photos of him. I can’t help it that he is so cute!!
I took this on an early morning a couple of days ago. Ezra is going through this phase where he WILL NOT let me put him down for atleast 10 or 15 minutes after he wakes up from bedtime or naps. I don’t mind one bit! Me and my sleepy boy sit and practice our consonant sounds. His favorite, at the moment, is the ‘G’ sound. The kid thinks it’s completely hysterical when I say “guh-guh-guh-guh”. I am telling you, this sweetie is a dream come true.