Dessert for Breakfast

For the past year or two, I have been a HUGE fan of greek yogurt… specifically Chobani. I really like the consistancy of greek yogurt and I like that it is healthier than the regular (Yoplait) stuff. Working at Whole Foods is honestly changing my life. They have SEVERAL different kinds of yogurt and I have been having quite a few conversations with customers about their favorites. One of the most popular brands is the
Kalona Super Natural Organic Cream Top Yogurt.

I wasn’t quite sure how to feel about the “cream top” and to be honest my thoughts were leaning toward being grossed out. So, naturally, my first few bites I made faces and talked myself into thinking that this stuff was not as good as my usual Chobani. I’m not sure what I was thinking… but this stuff is delicious! I finally gave in the third morning that I had it for breakfast and decided I would never buy any other yogurt…. Until the next day when a customer told me that Brown Cow had a MUCH better cream top yogurt. And so, after work I went over to get some and found that Brown Cow has a GREEK cream top yogurt.

Oh my goodness. If you like greek yogurt, you will LOVE this. It is like a DESSERT! The downside- Whole Foods doesnt sell the large 24 oz size like Kalona Super Natural and Chobani. So it is a little more on the expensive side. The individual size is, however, too much for me. So, I’ve been thinking I may purchase a few of them and empty them all into one container… but then that delicious cream top will be all mixed in. Hmm.

Do you have a favorite yogurt?