“Mommy Brain”

It’s totally a thing. Just when you think you get to say goodbye to preoccupied pregnancy brain, you give birth and focus 110% of your thoughts on your new bundle of joy, even when you try not to. Most of the time the time this simply means I will forget what I am saying in the middle of a sentence or forget to take my vitamins. Other times, it can result in something much more… inconvenient.

 I think most moms would agree that it’s sometimes more work than it’s worth to leave the house with a small child. I’ve made a habit of planning my errands after Ezra’s bedtime so that I can leave him at home with my husband when I want to take my sweet time. When Ezra was just a few weeks old, I left the house one night for a grocery run. After deciding to make “just one more quick stop”, I exited said extra stop only to find my car was GONE. I, of course, panicked. The parking lot was almost empty… so I assumed it must have been stolen. I dialed my husband and started walking down the street.

Off in the distance, I saw a car that looked just like mine. A few people were gathered around, and as I walked closer, I realized it was, in fact, my car. I approached the group, made some embarrassing comment about forgetting my parking brake… all the while being completely oblivious to the fact that my car had rolled through a liquor store before bouncing back behind the curb. Yes, that’s right- someone had to POINT OUT to me that there was alcohol and shattered glass all over the ground and the entire front end of my car was bashed in as I was opening my door to just get in and drive home, as if nothing had happened. Talk about your mind being somewhere else. You can bet my husband didn’t think I was mentally stable enough to leave the house for a few days 😉

So today, just when I thought these ridiculous episodes were over… I was craving cookies. [Recipe: here]. My first problem: I was multitasking. Multitasking is something you have to do when you are a mom but probably shouldn’t do without supervision from a spouse or friend while you’re a new mom. Here I am, feeding and entertaining a baby and scooping my cookie dough onto a pan.
Only few short minutes into the cooking time, I notice a funny smell. I open the oven and this is what I find:

One. Big. BLOB. Of “cookie”, spilling over the edges of the pan and all over the sides and bottom of the oven. I start re-reading the recipe trying to figure out what I must’ve missed… FLOUR. I forgot to put FLOUR in my COOKIES! How does that even happen? I’ll tell you. You have a baby and you *temporarily loose your ability to use your brain in any and all circumstances where you are required to think about more than one thing at a time.

You’ll be happy to know that Aslan scraped the mush out of the oven and I successfully made another batch after the baby went to sleep. This mama really needs her cookies.

*I’ve been told it’s temporary. Although, I am starting to worry.